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Can Ultrasound Stimulation Enhance Meditation? (Tricycle)

“Breath Taking” (Tricycle)

Zen & The Headless Way (Tricycle)

Buddhists on Campus (Tricycle)

Meditation for Med Students (Tricycle)

Remembering Zen Teacher Jitsudo Alfred Ancheta (Tricycle)

Observing Naropa’s 40th Anniversary (Buddhadharma)

Profile of New York Buddhist Church (Buddhadharma)

Profile of Mangala Shri Bhuti (Buddhadharma)

Profile of Sanshin Zen Community (Buddhadharma)

Brain Scans Predict Risk for Recidivism (Los Angeles Times)

Walking Is An Effective Therapy For Stroke Survivors (AARP Bulletin)

Aspirin Use May Heighten Macular Degeneration Risk (AARP Bulletin)

Texas Wants More Rio Grande Water From New Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

Yo-Yo Dieting Poses Cardiovascular Risks (AARP Bulletin)

New Mexico Couple Battles Army Corps of Engineers (Los Angeles Times)

Acupuncture’s Proven Benefits (AARP Bulletin)

Common NSAIDs Pose Extended Heart Attack Risk (AARP Bulletin)

Alcohol Lowers Osteoporosis Risk (AARP Bulletin)

Air Force Base Fuel Leak Threatens Albuquerque’s Water (Los Angeles Times)

Horses Suffer in New Mexico’s Drought, Recession (Los Angeles Times)

Calcium Supplements Raise Heart Attack Risk (AARP Bulletin)

Sinking Aquifer Dooms Irrigated High Plains Agriculture (Texas Climate News)

Meditation’s Ability to Alleviate Stress (Pacific Standard)

Psychopaths’ Brains Differ From Other Violent Offenders (Pacific Standard Online)

Soda Consumption Linked to Stroke Risk (AARP Bulletin)

New Understanding of Lithium and ECT Treatment (Pacific Standard Online)

GRACE Satellites Measure Groundwater Depletion (Pacific Standard Online)

T.I.M./Walnuts Block Prostate Cancer (Pacific Standard)

T.I.M./Caffeine+Exercise Ward Off Skin Cancer (Pacific Standard Online)

T.I.M./Molecules Modify Metabolism (Pacific Standard Online)

Peter Duesberg’s Controversial Cancer Theory (Pacific Standard)

Controversy Over Albuquerque Police Shootings (Los Angeles Times)

Lubbock Seeks Sustainable Water Supply (Texas Climate News)

Exercise, Staying Mentally Active May Prevent Dementia (AARP Bulletin)

Drinking Coffee May Help Prevent Endometrial Cancer (AARP Bulletin)

NIH Limits the Use of Chimpanzees in Research (Miller-McCune Online)

Healthy Diet Offsets Genetic Risk for Heart Disease (AARP Bulletin)

Costly Cardiac Stents Often Confer Little Benefit (AARP Bulletin)

Bribery Scandal Rocks New Mexico Judiciary (Los Angeles Times)

Weighing Whether to Take a Statin (AARP Bulletin)

Computer Analysis Reveals Torah Authorship (Miller-McCune Online)

Vitamin E Supplements Raise Prostate Cancer Risk (AARP Bulletin)

Dangers of Common Painkillers (AARP Bulletin)

Why Seniors Don’t Readily Adopt Technology (AARP Bulletin)

Visiting the Urban Education Institute (Miller-McCune Magazine)

Profile of Calligrapher-Translator Kazuaki Tanahashi (Tricycle)

Meditators Weigh Money Offers More Rationally (Miller-McCune Online)

New Technology Offers Hope to Tinnitus Sufferers (AARP Bulletin)

Fire Monks Book Review (Los Angeles Times)

Brain-Cooling Caps Help Insomnia Sufferers Sleep More Soundly (AARP Bulletin)

Statins Raise the Risk of Muscle Pain and Diabetes (AARP Bulletin)

New Mexico Golfers Tee Off From On High (Los Angeles Times)

Study Shows Antidepressant Reduces Hot Flashes (AARP Bulletin)

New PSA Test May Reduce Needless Prostate Treatment (AARP Bulletin)

Massive Solar Plants Carry Heavy Environmental Price (Miller-McCune Magazine)

Will Rooftop Solar Solve Our Energy Woes? (Miller-McCune Magazine)

Study Finds Tired, Hungry Judges Are Less Lenient (Miller-McCune Online)

New Evidence That Tai Chi Helps Depression Symptoms (AARP Bulletin)

Using Inkjet Printers to Create Living Tissue (Miller-McCune Online)

Improving African American Heart Health (AARP Bulletin)

Measuring Public Opinion Via Song Lyrics (Miller-McCune Online)

New Biosensor Simplifies Medical Diagnosis (Miller-McCune Online)

Susana Martinez Becomes First Latina Governor (Los Angeles Times)

New Mexico Governor Ponders Pardon for Billy the Kid (Los Angeles Times)

Physicist Aaron Clauset’s Mathematical Models of Terrorism (Miller-McCune)

Gene Strongly Linked to Depression (AARP Bulletin)

How Domestic Medical Tourism Helps to Curb Health Costs (AARP Bulletin)

Aspirin May Reduce Prostate Cancer Deaths (AARP Bulletin)

Benedictine Monks Market Their Own Brand of Ale (Los Angeles Times)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Alleviates Depression (AARP Bulletin)

Melting Arctic Ice Patches Yield Archaeological Trove (Miller-McCune)

Cooked Alive at Pompeii: Ominous New Research (Miller-McCune Online)

Why Do Some Societies Choose Monogamy over Polygyny? (Miller-McCune Online)

New Air Conditioning Technology Saves Energy (Miller-McCune Online)

Controversial Plan to Move N.M. Research Chimps to Texas (Los Angeles Times)

Oxytocin Promotes Trust In Economic Interactions (Miller-McCune)

Latest Research on Health Benefits of Meditation (AARP Bulletin)

Hyperactive Boomers Having Accidents (AARP Bulletin)

Poor Cardiac Output Linked to Premature Brain Aging (AARP Bulletin)

Geneticist Identifies Cause of Alopecia Areata (AARP Bulletin)

Thin-Film Organics Make Lighweight Solar Cells (Miller-McCune Online)

Re-mudding the Ranchos de Taos Church (Los Angeles Times)

Future Looks Brighter to Middle-Aged Canadians (AARP Bulletin)

An Innovative Approach to Capping the Blown Well (Miller-McCune Online)

Val Kilmer Riles His Northern New Mexico Neighbors (Los Angeles Times)

New Research on the Effects of Oxytocin (Miller-McCune Online)

Santa Fe Man Sues Over Electromagnetic Waves (Los Angeles Times)

Trouble In Mind: When Law Meets Neuroscience (Miller-McCune)

Random Technology Discoveries (Miller-McCune Online)

Dealing With Decaying Infrastructure (Miller-McCune Online)

More Blogging from UTEP (Miller-McCune Online)

Blogging an Engineering Conference in El Paso (Miller-McCune Online)

New Antimicrobial “Roach Motels” (Miller-McCune Online)

Air Force PJs  Grueling Final Exam (Discovery Channel Magazine)

Neuroscientific Insight Into the Placebo Effect (Miller-McCune Online)

Circadian Rhythm Research Yields Health Benefits (AARP Bulletin)

How Buddhist Bloggers Misbehave Online (Tricycle)

Therapeutic Hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest (AARP Bulletin)

Research Shows Winds Speeds May Be Declining (Miller-McCune Online)

Smart Headlamp Research Promises Safer Driving (Miller-McCune Online)

Finding Freedom On The Inside (Kai Han)

Meditation and Pain Control (Discovery Channel Magazine)

The Truth About End-of-Life Care (AARP Bulletin)

Profile of Mountain Guide Dave Hahn (Discovery Channel Magazine)

Profile of Population Geneticist Michael Hammer (Miller-McCune)

Profile of Prison Mentor Tom Pace (Purpose Driven Connection)

The Neuroscience of Empathy (Miller-McCune Online)

Making Sense of Schizophrenia (Miller-McCune Online)

Biodiversity Loss and Animal-Borne Disease (Miller-McCune Online)

Profile of Farm Rescue founder Bill Gross (Purpose Driven Connection)

Using Naltrexone to Treat Kleptomania (Miller-McCune Online)

The Pros and Cons of Alcohol Consumption (Miller-McCune Online)

Q&A with Bard College President Leon Botstein (Miller-McCune)

Review: “Buddhism & Science: A Guide for the Perplexed” (Miller-McCune Online)

Market for Swapping Kidneys Saves Lives (Miller-McCune)

African Americans May Suffer Health Effects From Racism (Miller-McCune Online)

Mystery of Ancient Pueblo Jars is Solved (The New York Times)

Surgeon Gene Alford’s Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury (Reader’s Digest)

Hypothermia to Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Miller-McCune Online)

Latest Research on Meditation and the Brain (Miller-McCune Online)

New Research on Health and Sleep (Miller-McCune Online)

Drilling a Core in the West Antarctica Ice Sheet Divide (Miller-McCune)

Michael Reynolds: Renegade Earthship Designer (Miller-McCune)

Is Coffee The Elixir of Life? (Miller-McCune Online)

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